Thursday, August 13, 2015

How I Did It, or, More Summer.

I am still in the middle of my huge vacation that people call summer. I had to do this - change my living methods, along with the locale, etc etc. I am no longer on Twitter, but I am on Instagram. I also quit many social web gadgets, and moved to other things. All of that is for my real life and people surrounding me. I can't see myself living for the social web - it is so fake, posing, not for kids, not about kids, and mostly yucky selfies. The best desert in the world - for the mommy in me - get ready - is a slice of apple or a pear chewed up by a baby.

Monday, June 1, 2015

On My Tesla Car, FedEx, Going Postal, and Other Things

HAPPY UPDATE: Like, I have everything I ever wanted, except a brand new Tesla cart. I was presented with a surprise. The old Tesla truck that I wore out like the rest of my boyfriends - it has disappeared. And lo and behold! - the morning presented me with a brand new truck, the batteries all charged up, and ready for my rounds of delivering mail, documents, and my hot food to the comrades in the field - wow!

I worked in administration and applied myself so well, that I started delivering business documents throughout the kibbutz. It went so smooth that they gave me the electric truck. I just llloved it, scooting around the kibbutz, delivering files, packages, and dropping in on my kids at the kiddie center.

I was so good at it that the Tesla truck broke down. It's not a regular truck with regular wheels. When electrical vehicles break down, they need special parts. So, meanwhile, I have been given the job at the kibbutz post office, sorting mail, etc., - and I still have the kitchen dinner duty! All for free, i.e., for free cottage and food! I still love it. Now it is down to my husband's car, who is allowed this because he is not a member, and just a paid employee of the industrial association.