Friday, August 29, 2014

Ob/Gym and Vacation Stuff

and we are back from our whirlwind, or world-win vacation.

Israel is just wonderful the way I wanted to re-experience it, and my husband is so great for letting me, and - being so accommodating with all of the kids. I wanted to be on this beach, which I could not fully enjoy with my 2nd ex. The charmingly decrepit beach clinic, the lifeguard stations, and nearly flat beach, cloud-free skies - a real sense of a getaway vacation.

I also missed Netania when I lived in Israel. This time we spent there every night. The city has become very French, and for me it was a perfect lead-in to the Paris part of our vacation.

The times have changed in 2 or so years. Apparently Arabs have been eying us Jewesses, and trying to pull a fast one over some - so one of the jealous zealots set up an operation and printed up this sticker complete with the warning - warning about what? - "don't even dare to think about a Jewish woman!"

I will miss Netania's French night scene. What a lovely way to graduate from the English Israel. One of the reasons for our Netania-Jerusalem-Paris movements was that my 2nd ex wanted to see our twins.

Our Rosanna Pansino clips, meanwhile, got invaded by Israeli ads, and this guy is the most talented of commercial actors. There are several skits - he is a gay school teacher explaining Titanic according to his impressions of the movie; he is also a screaming tribesman who speaks Hebrew in a quasi-safari show, and here he is a dad who has been babysitting, and has to play hide and seek with his kids just to enjoy his favorite foods. This guy is so talented, - that's why he won me over: he knows how it feels to want to hide from your own kids. I get the most interesting ads!

And - lala! - in Paris, our Rue Turbigo has changed a little bit. Whenever things go haywire in Egypt, the street feels it. The sweets shop owners were happy to see me again, and I had my usual kusheri. The children were easier to handle, because the twins were with their father a lawt - I had to thank him! - and my husband too, for being so cool about it all.
I agreed to extend the lease on our apartment for another year, and that meant we could use it only for a week while the tenants were away on vacation of their own.
Strange thing - the artwork on the panel between the windows is gone, I suspect the local Moslems had something to do with it - they probably did not like the 200 year old bare chested Muses staring down on them every Friday after their chiropractic prayers. My Minsitry of Paris, Wine, Sports, And Tourism girlfriends said it's impossible to have the Muses removed just like that. But they did not notice how it happened.

Oh well - I am back in the Honking Town, tag teaming with my nanny to wrangle the self-igniting brood, now that the twins are back to their hobby, to be their ever precocious selves, reminding me of their Gilkey and Dobey names, and making Joe think of Dennis the Menace.  

Friday, August 15, 2014

2 Books of Yummy Secrets

I Have just finished reading two books, yes - I read them at the same time - John Irving's  Prayer for Owen Meany, and Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina. I have tons of impressions from each, I knew I would have to reread the passages I had marked that were full of wisdom and brimmed full of talent for articulate expression.

FIRST of all, reading Prayer for Owen I have realized how my motherhood went for my oldest daughter. So much - that I had chills down my spine. How the narrator's young mom used to go to Boston for "voice lessons" on Wednesdays and returned on Thursdays and it was a family dinner for her lone-parent household.

THIS reminds me my own Wednesday or Thursday nights I spent with Sammy (how many posts on the old blog!) while my daughter was in the care of the dowdy, grumpy, Church Lady-like librarian neighbor. Without providing any specific explanation to her, my daughter had no choice but assume I was busy cooking for a large family.

Something about yummy secrets - I am sure it felt yummy to others as well, even to my 2nd ex, to see me go off to Tel Aviv for an overnight stay, or whatever, - really, to cavort with Freddie, and then way later, with Chidi. Micki never protested, and only asked questions - rather tender for an imminent divorce - inquiring about my forthcoming outings. I saw it on his face, in his lingering swagger,  and in other people - my siblings,- and my daughter, the only one who did not know how to imagine and to suspect.

And Anna Karenina is a gem. It is beyond the first of its kind, first-ever classy soap-opera-grade book - the story line of adultery is only the central reference for other important story lines. It is an illustration of poetic justice - those preaching sainthood and fidelity, are the ones most likely to fall, and fall weally hard.

The parallel story line is about Levin, who decides to avoid the big city life, and stick to life on his title lands, work the crops together with his peasants, and deal with the big city slickers when they come visiting him, a la dude ranch, and throwing him curve balls, like lounging around, whining about poor hunting conditions, and flirting with his pregnant wife.

When his friends equates an opportunity for an adulterous fling to snatching a piece of cake after a full dinner, Levin says that he does not have these urges, because he tries not to overeat. What a hashkofo - at the end of the 19th century!

I think I understood Anna very well, having read those 1000 pages in my level of Russian, while thinking in English, speaking to my 2-nd ex in French, to my family in Hebrew, to my parents in Yiddutch, and exposed to the Chinese in the street.

Back to Sammy - actually he recommended that i read this huge book, and I am glad I read it now, not back then, after I have had tons of mommy, wifely, and divorce experience, which just gave me an exclusive insight to the book.

Now I understand one of Sammy's gems of humorous wisdom: the goal of a love affair is not to let the woman get divorced, or something like that.

It's been a long day, even our teenagerish nanny wanted some time off all to herself in her room at the end of the day. Soon we are off to a vacation in Paris and Israel, and I am sure to find there some more of John Irving's gems.