Wednesday, July 23, 2014

everything - our first birthday

Hey - Eiden is 12 months old!

I am a full-fledged mommy by now, but still have that naughty Tori Lolita still hiding inside. This picture is as close as the one I have promised to the readers from my old blog:

On this birthday of my little one, I do feel like a yummy mummy, - the more kids you have, the more of them you want.

At the end of the day so busy with baking and soda pop - so much that our nanny has crashed out on the couch - I do want some time for us to sight see the colony, like these Victorian ladies do in Calcutta circa 1877, byTisso.

on our upcoming vacation to Paris, I want to do this - so much! - so in sync with Tisso! - byAlexander Averin.

And our kids can do this!

I also miss -Sapphically - my yummy, dearest girlfriends' company: Jojo, Judy, Naama. 
Naama and Judy are coming to visit too - I need to get back from Paris by then.

I love this post so much - I am putting the link on the right margin - for my own reference and enjoyment.

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Friday, July 4, 2014

B-day baby day

Well, it's was a great birthday for our daughter. My own Born On the 4th of July baby. Siobhan Sivan Dasha is 2 years old. I took time to enjoy her and the rest of my children, without dwelling on each of their developmental quirks, which usually scare me.
I wouldda-thought that after all those business trips to Shanghai and Xingtao and the Big Bad Beijing my husband would be too tired to play. He has evolved - from my outdoors photographer to my intimate bedroom fetishism angle-and-light specialist. I am jsut too proud and embarrassed of the tastefully framed detail and puckered flesh - of my Lolita mouth - un-think naughty!

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