Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I might have done it!

I forgot that I used to be for Obama, and then last minute stopped from sending in my early/absentee vote for him.

It happened again. I came back from Europe, did not follow the news - but then caught up and saw all the disgusting things about Clinton and their Foundation and how the media tried to elect them, I thought - wow, I might have voted for her! 
Talk about repressive leftism!

I think busy mommies just don't do that stuff.

Friday, October 28, 2016

October, working for money

I miss Switzerland already. This summer was an incredible opportunity. To swap places with my Swiss sister? I can't wait for the next summer.
I have been working - for the money I got from the endowment. For the apartment that I got in Paris. There is no such thing as a trouble free boucoup money. Huge money - earned or not earned - cones with pressures. The outside world discovers it and wants it - vraiment! - like: the banks in the originating and destination countries, saying that that they have to take certain percentage, if not, even more paperwork must be caused. The governments involved tell you to pay taxes upfront, or if you don't owe them, spend lotsa money on lawyers to prove that. People want to rent the apartment but with an open ended clauses, so they can stay without renewing the lease. If you refuse them, they run off to a resident rights organization to find the way to imply discrimination. Nice, non?
Multiply the number of countries by the number of my children and get the amount of hours per week? needed to deal with that alone.
So I miss Switzerland, yeah, oui, ouai.