Friday, April 18, 2014

Back In The Women's Section

My Dobie and Gilkey's stroller is still here, with my Sorotzkin sister. Nothing changed much, except I have more nieces, and my Sorotzkin niece the fellow Bais Yakov buddy had more kids.

Trash and chaos rule - spirituality and gemoroh learning are above all.

The concrete underground is still there, as littered and gloomy as ever.

Something made me go to the shul - I haven't been to any liturgical ceremony in a long while, like 1-2 years or so. I did, in Bayit Vegan, and spent more time realizing that nothing has changed here behind the raw wood of the mehitzah, which happens to be aligned with my angled view on the world. Once is enough. Enough for this year. I am so happy to be free of this stuff - the object of Dangerous Thoughts, compiled and maintained by the noble and sanctimonious rabbis.
Maybe one thing is new - from Sfardim - that Mount Sinai might have been alluded to in their Zohar as being in Uman, Ukraine. Figuratively, I hope. I see many Sfardi women of the Breslav cult wearing the Moslem-Christian-like cape.
Thank Gawd this is my second Passover totally free of all this poopoo.
About 7 years ago or so - right before Passover - I was divorced, and was caught in the mikveh by one of the other married sisters. I thought the incident was cute and sexy.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A video for married couples

This video is great for all couples, frum especially, because:

-it reminds, if not teaches a couple how to behave in private, in a positive and affectionate manner
-it reminds couples that wearing black does not stop affection
-it reminds those like me who grew up in the home full of laughter and love
-it teaches us that the old American TV was totally innocent compared to the worship of decay and anti-family in the name of progress
-it is a perfectly fitting song in French:

as we are at the house where I spent a large part of my childhood in Beyit Vegan, and I feel - I feel so cosmopolitan and liberated from home, that my home now - is my husband and my kids, wherever we are.
The lyrics, with my italics:

La Maison où j'ai grandi

When I turn to my memories
I see again the house where I grew up
A million thoughts comes back to me:
I see roses in a garden
There, where the trees used to live,
now the city is there
and the house, the flowers I loved so much, no longer exists
they knew how to laugh, all my friends
they knew so well how to take part in my games
but everything must come to an end in life
and i had to leave, tears in my eyes
my friends ask me "why do you cry?"
and "traveling the world is better than staying.
You'll find everything here you cannot see,
an entire city that sleeps at night under the lights"
When I left this part of my childhood,
I knew already that I was leaving my heart
All of my friends envied my luck,
but i still think of their happiness,
of the carefree way that made them laugh
and it seems that I hear myself telling them:
"I'll come back one day, one fine morning amid your laughter,
yes, one day I'll take the first train of memory".
Time passes and here I am again,
searching in vain for the house I loved.
Where are the stones, where are the roses,
all of the things I held dear?
Of them and of me, no trace remains.
Other people, other houses have stolen their place.
There, where the trees live, now the city is there
and the house, where is the house where I grew up?
I don't know where my house is,
the house where I grew up.
Where is my house?
Who knows where my house is?
My house, where is my house?
Who knows where my house is?