Tuesday, May 10, 2016

After the silence

Long ovetdue: All the artistic excitement within me sort-a died with David Bowie. I think he was the only true talent, and the first to introy esthetics, surrealism, and many things yet not fathomed onto the ragtag world of modern music.

I quit being inventive in English. Instead, I started new creative pastimes, in French and Hebrew. I saw no more use for Twitter and mindless social-photo apps, and started YouTube updates for my friends and ex-coworkers in France and the kibbutz. But they should not mix with the English world. Which is being made stupid and politically confused by American-British smartphone addicts. Their selfie-driven world, their petty images, their infantile stream of consciousness, now minus Bowie, is a HUGE sensuality killah for my mommy world.

And I'm keeping my YouTube presence very separate from this blog.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Bon and Soir

Well, I have just been so busy living my life. Momminess is so taxing - that I barely notice that I have never went on vacations - for the past I don't know how long. So I have started going to Paris. On Rue Turbigo the situation is better, and it helps to have the Israeli experience. Now I have a car when in Paris - locking all doors and stuff, and I even saw the Gendarmerie guarding a synagogue. I had to pinch myself! I had a resolution to take a look inside - but the next thing I knew I was supposed to go back to Israel. I promise myself to do more of this - commute to Paris every month, for about a week. Other than that, I am definitely not in a reporting frame of mind!