Thursday, April 13, 2017

Retro Spec'd

Yeah I have been looking back
at everything I have done and had
at all the things in life
I let happen while I was on my mommy autopilot
and I can't really feel sorry for anything
because I have given my kiddies the best
and the men who came and went
have been such big boys
they should know bettah.

A man versus a busy girly soccer mommy
Three citizenships and custodial complications
It's only fair

It's just that the love between me and my brother
Still indescribable and impossible
and unfair to analyze,
and incredibly like between two unrelated people,
and everyone's kiddies,
and really-really unrelated people
are there to keep us apart.

@ @ @ @ @ @

A friend of mine recommended two songs that describe the feelings of love torn.
One is in Russian, about two stars, the only way the love can be together if only in the sky.
Both songs written long time ago before I was born, and the performers no longer with us, but are so right. So right, I am crying.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


let's see,
Joe, June, Dobie & Gilkey, Nathaniel (&) Siobhan Sivan Dasha, Eiden, Toby.
wishing ourselves a nice flight.