Friday, November 28, 2014

Fruit Brandy and Rain

We escaped the Hong Kong revolutions running - so fast that we are back in Israel earlier than we thought! It's just that my husband is still back there, and he will be back here before Hanuka.

We arrived here, and I went around taking care of business here, making sure our crates will get to the kibbutz. I went up to Jerusalem, and near the Shouk found these wine Eau De Vie brandies earmarked for export to France - of course I bought them. Saves me a trip to Paris, where I was a short time ago.
The rainy weather in Jerusalem was jsut too cold. I couldn't wait to get back to my older kiddies. What a minivacation. We got back to Tel Aviv to warm up our wet cold feet.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Little Trouble on Victoria's Harbor

This post was more of a check on the state of web access here. Some of our friends said that the social networks were not working, few said that there were no changes, maybe just slowdowns due to the demonstrators overloading the system.

We are not affected because of our special cable service courtesy the consulate.

And I knew it by now - our upcoming departure from Honkers had to have been spiced up by some turmoil, so we would feel like escaping a cauldron.

The people visited us and were happy and still curious to leave - MNG, etc, and it leaves us with our nanny, a far removed relative of college age, who gets the free use of my Carrera etc. bracelets.
It took me this long to figure out that blogging wore out the V on my laptop keyboard. Of course, all that Vikie and Victoria and my whole gang watching kiddie videos on Youtube.
So - it is a matter of November and a half, and we are on the move again!

On a lighter note, roughly along the lines of my favorite lifestyle, The L Words:

what do scientists call a lesbian dinosaur? - licalotopus
What do you call lesbian twins? - Lick-a-likes.
one word for a chocolate covered lesbian? Klondike